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2015 Web Design Trends

design | trends | web design by Shannon Noack on January 9, 2015 | 0 Comments

Each year we like to kick off the year with some of our predictions for the web design trends we’ll see in the following months. This year, we’ll continue to see mobile usage rise more and more, and because of that, responsive design will continue to grow in popularity as well. Large headline text and big bold photography will also continue to have a large presence on the web.

Here are a few more things we think you’ll see a lot of this coming year.

Simplistic design

Flat design has really taken off and inspired design to move in a simpler direction. Less is more, creating a clean, uncluttered and beautiful trend.

A focus on speed

With the continued rise of mobile usage comes the ever increasing concern for website speed. Websites will be leaner this year in order to load as fast as possible.

Handcrafted design

Etsy and Pinterest have inspired people to become more interested in handcrafted items, which is starting to move over to web design as well. Hand lettering, drawings and anything created by hand will become more popular this year.

Long Homepage Designs

We’ve been seeing this trend the last few years and it’ll continue to grow in popularity this year as well. Multi-section homepages that are long with tons of content will have a big place on the web.


Icons and vector images have been growing in popularity the last few years as well and will continue to be popular this year. This fits in well with the flat design trend, and gives many websites another place to add visual interest on their site.

Pinterest-inspired image blocks

Pinterest started the trend of using blocks of images in rows and it will continue to be big this year as well. Image blocks like this allow information to be displayed in a more visual manner that’s interesting and easy to look at.

There you have it, our predictions for the web for 2015! What trends do you expect to see? Let us know in the comments below!


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