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Climate Change and design

education by Shannon Noack on October 15, 2009 | 1 Comment

Today, October 15, 2009 is the 3rd annual Blog Action Day, and I’m happy to participate for my 2nd year. This year’s topic is Climate Change, a big topic of discussion in the world these days. But how does that relate to design? Well climate change effects everyone, no matter what your profession, race, gender or status in life. It’s something that’s happening, whether we’d like to admit it or not. As designers, we can make a great impact by the choices we make in our daily work.

Climate change has largely been linked to cutting down trees and the destruction of forests for making paper. In print design, recycled and paste-consumer waste paper and eco-friendly inks are becoming more readily available. Many paper companies are also implementing more sustainable practices for their paper making process. New Leaf Paper has many paper options and even offers lots of different color choices. Some design solutions can be made more eco-friendly by getting creative with it: reducing the amount of paper used in a brochure, finding another use for a mailer, or using interesting and sustainable materials like Elephant Poo Paper! Designers can also get involved by participating in local non-profits that are working to help out with climate change or national advocacy groups like Design Can Change.

In the office you can make choices to reduce your carbon footprint and do your part in slowing climate change. Apple’s latest MacBook laptop has been called the greenest laptop on the market, reducing packaging material and harmful toxins as well as some other innovative changes. Energy efficient computers, printers and other electronic devices are becoming more available and are more cost efficient these days. Soy based inks are also easier to find these days and better for the environment than using standard inks. Ecosimply also has some great tips on making your office green.

So you’re not a designer and you want to do your part? Blog Action Day has a great list of action tips where you can get involved and show your support. As I said earlier, climate change effects us all and it’s up to everyone to pitch in and make sure our Earth is still beautiful for years to come.

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