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Great Custom Shirts by ooShirts

design | fun by Shannon Noack on June 15, 2011 | 0 Comments

We’ve recently discovered ooShirts, a great online custom t-shirt company, and wanted to tell you a bit about them and how your company could benefit from the service. ooShirts is unique in that they allow you to easily create your own shirt design with a great online design application that really is easy to use. Even if you’re just adding your own logo in there, it’s quick, simple, and painless.

If you’ve ever created your own shirt design and worked to get it printed, it’s not the easiest task. But ooShirts has streamlined the process and made it possible for everyone!

Making It Easy

custom t-shirtsAt Snoack Studios we love tools that make things easier, but yet still allow for quality things. As a designer I appreciate the custom things ooShirts allows for in the design application, but I really like the fact that you don’t have to be a designer to use this. You can upload images or choose from their library to create something pretty cool. They also help you along the way with tips and tricks to make sure your shirt comes out looking great and just the way you want it to.

I used their t-shirt designer to create my own shirt design, and I’m excited to see the results in a few days. The whole process was pretty quick which is something I always enjoy.

Shirt Styles

There are tons of shirt styles to choose from for both men and women so you can order for lots of different people at the same time, and use the same design. If you aren’t looking for a t-shirt, they also have tons of other apparel that you can print on, including hoodies, zip-ups, shorts and pants. You could create a whole line of clothing with your design.

Project Ideas

I love the idea of creating your own shirt design because you can use it for a lot of different things for your company that will help to market your business and/or spread some good cheer (both of which are great business-boosters):

  • company shirt for employees (maybe to be given out as a reward for a job well-done)
  • client appreciation gifts
  • contest giveaway on your website or blog
  • holiday gifts

There are lots of ways to use this for your company, the ideas are really endless. Check out ooShirts and let us know what you think! Would also love to hear your ideas, what would you use a custom shirt design for with your company?


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