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fun | inspiration by Shannon Noack on February 10, 2009 | 0 Comments

One of my favorite types of design is package design. There is something to be said about tangible objects and being able to feel shapes, textures and surfaces. I love the idea that a package doesn’t have to follow the same rules that it always has. Coffee beans don’t have to come in bags, they can come in jars if the designer wants. Most gum came in long flat sticks in a flat pack of 5 pieces until Orbit decided that they wanted something different and they changed the package. Now, gum companies are thinking in different ways and coming up with new ideas. Walk through a grocery store and you see products in many different shapes with many cool and fun packing styles. People judge a product largely based on its package, why wouldn’t companies put a lot of stock into the package, the design, the label? Well I’m no different than the rest, I judge wine bottles on their label coolness and only buy great looking labels. Here are a few bottles that caught my eye.

These pictures were taken from, a great site with lots of awesome packaging.


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