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Snoack Studios’ 2014 Tech Gift Guide

fun | inspiration by Shannon Noack on November 26, 2014 | 0 Comments

Do you have a tech guy or gal in your life that you’re buying for this holiday season? We’ve put together some of our top tech picks and have found some great Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Check out our list below and add your own tech ideas and sale findings in the comments too!

Fitness tracker

These handy devices are becoming very popular, and these 2 choices, the Fitbit Flex and Misfit Flash are great choices.

Bluetooth Speaker

The Urge SoundBrick Plus is a great speaker, allowing your tech friend to play music any where they go!


We love our iPad, and the iPad mini would be a great portable device to have as well. We take it to meetings and any where we go so we can take notes, access websites, or check email.

Smart watch

These watches are handy to have, and give you access to a lot of things when you’re out and about. Check out the Pebble smart watch that comes with a great selection of apps.

Wireless router

A great wireless router is a must-have and the Netgear R6200 is a great pick for a really excellent Black Friday price!


We are huge Apple fans, although they rarely have sale pricing. The MacBook Air is on sale at Best Buy this year though, and looks to be a good deal!

DSLR Camera

A DSLR camera is a great investment, we love our Canon that we purchased a year ago. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a great choice for high quality images and tons of great features.


Good quality headphones are always an excellent choice for a tech geek that loves music and the Solo HD headphones are a good pick this year!


A cellphone is another sure win with a techie, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a great choice at a really great price on Black Friday.

What other great tech gift ideas do you have? Any Black Friday deals to add to the list? Let us know in the comments area below!


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