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Current Logo Design Trends

inspiration | logos by Shannon Noack on September 16, 2011 | 0 Comments

Logo design trends are constantly changing and evolving to include new color schemes, layouts, themes, and different ideas. Right now, you’ll see that logos with lots of color are popular, bringing in multiple colors to enhance their look. You’ll also see logos with a lot of layers and different things going on that create an interesting look.

There are tons of great trends and ideas in logo design, and today we’ll talk about just a few that we really like, and show you some examples of great logos that embrace these ideas.


Multiplied Layer Effect

Falling right in step with the ideas we just mentioned, this trend usually has a bunch of colors, as well as multiple pieces and layers. By multiplying the layers, you get a unique effect that looks like opaque objects sitting on top of one another. This creates new shapes and adds to the overall look. We love the multiplied layer look and enjoy seeing all the different examples of great logos that use it.


A New Take On Pointillism

Pointillism is an art form that involves creating a shape or a piece of artwork out of dots. For this trend, the dots are usually shapes or icons of some sort that are gathered together to form a shape or symbol in the logo. These are two great examples of that effect, and also include some great color to create a fun overall look. A logo is really a small piece of artwork and this trend really shows that through these great compilations.


Creatively Utilizing Negative Space

Using negative space to form objects or give meaning is something that’s also been around for a long time, and is popular in logo design. It’s a great way to utilize a small amount of space, combing a few different ideas or objects to create multiple meanings. Creativity goes a long way with logo design and when you are able to make this trend work, it’s always a great touch to add to your mark.

These logo design trends are great examples of what’s out there currently and what will be popular this year. Don’t be fooled by our use of the word trends though, by using a trend you aren’t destined to have an outdated logo in 10 years. These are great ideas for any logo, as these examples show, great logos can follow trends and still succeed.

What other trends have you seen lately that you enjoy?

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