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Why does a logo cost so much?

logos by Shannon Noack on January 28, 2009 | 0 Comments

A logo is the single most important puzzle piece of any company. It defines who a company is and what their product or service is. It must target a certain and particular audience in order to be effective, and it communicates the vibe of the company. All this in a small and tidy work of art.


A good logo should have lasting quality. Coca-cola has refreshed their logo throughout the years, but hasn’t veered too far from their original logo that was created in 1885. Now that’s impressive. Many logos follow trends but great logos will last and stay current for years. 


A good logo is also memorable. With so many media outlets available these days and so much advertising in our faces, audiences have limited attention spans and limited time. A logo must capture their intended audience’s attention and keep it. Think of the last great commercial you saw, can you remember the company? Many companies make the same mistake with their logo, one that you can’t afford to make.


A designer must know the audience they are trying to reach. They must know how to best communicate with that audience. They need to know the personality of the company and how to portray that to their customers. A logo is definitely a work of art and worth an investment. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to logo design, unless you’re very lucky! Invest in your company’s logo and invest in it’s future. 


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