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New Site Launch: MariChris LLC

new website launch by Shannon Noack on August 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

marichrisWe’ve launched another great site. This one is for MariChris, a professional healthcare company that deals with healthcare IT software and services. This innovative and technology-focused company needed a brand new online presence that targeted their audience of healthcare professionals but matched their company’s forward-thinking vibe. The site is sleek, streamlined and modern with a clean look and vibrant colors. We also added some hidden gems that add personality to the site and give it a unique feel.

Check it out at

New Site Design


The color palette is inviting, dynamic and vibrant, with a bright teal, lots of whitespace, and some gray hues. A small amount of texture was used in the header to give the site some movement and add interest. The logo for MariChris is set in Gotham, a clean sans serif typeface to give a modern and professional look. All heading 1 and heading 2 tags throughout the site are also set in Gotham, thanks to @font-face, utilizing CSS3 functionality. Overall, the site is powerful and informative for the healthcare audience, but clean and inviting to help set them apart from the rest of the healthcare stuff you see today.

Great Features

There are a bunch of great features that we added in order to give the site that extra something special. The homepage features the latest news from MariChris as well as some of their recent tweets. On the left, there are a few fun facts you can click through that use a customized jquery banner.

On the inside pages, MariChris wanted to highlight 2 of their products with tours that they created. The TraceIT and UnivERS Tours needed a fun and different way of walking users through these innovative systems. We added lightboxes so users could click through the tour and see more about these products available through MariChris.

Great stock photography was carefully selected and chosen for each section. The photography helps each page to be more inviting and vibrant.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on MariChris’ new site, let us know in the comments area below. We’d also love to chat with you about what we can do with your new website, email us today at hello [at] snoackstudios dot com.


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