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New Website Launch: Ennis Continuing Education

new website launch | testimonial by Shannon Noack on January 17, 2012 | 1 Comment

Snoack Studios has launched a new site – for Ennis Continuing Education in Ennis, Montana. This site is full of lots of character and style, with a great look for this adult education program that is available for adults in Madison County.

They wanted a site that portrayed their program as a fun and exciting place to be – which it certainly is with their class list including everything from Zumba and Woodworking to Photography and Guitar. Lots of color, great photography and other design touches create the perfect look for this new site:

The Design

The look of this site is fun but clean-cut and professional, which fits this program well. Great photography throughout the site features stunning views of the area, action-packed shots of their workout classes, and a close-up look of their hands-on classes like leatherworking. We loved the idea of using their own photography, especially because it added that “fun element” to the site, so people could see exactly what classes were like. The bright green colors in the color palette also add a bit of fun and sparkle to the design.

A wooden background texture was added in the far background to give it a bit of a rustic look, that compliments all the other clean and professional touches. Rounded corners, slight gradients and soft shadows add to the clean and polished look of the design.

The Site Structure

The homepage features a large slider of photos so people can visually learn more about the program when they first land there. The 4 boxes below separate the site and direct users to the 4 different places they might want to go. More pictures highlight these areas and give users a visual for these places.

Other pages also include a full class schedule, all class descriptions, teacher contact information and other important things for anyone interested in becoming a student or teacher with the program.


Doranne Pittz, the Executive Director of the program, said this about working with Snoack Studios:

Snoack Studios was very professional and easy to work with throughout the entire website project.  It felt great to know that whatever information or photo’s I gave Shannon, she was going to make it look 100 times better!  I never once felt “talked down” to as a non-computer person, in fact, Snoack Studios has made me more excited to get involved with my own website with little edits here and there.  Thank you Snoack Studios, you certainly have made my life easier and my program is flourishing because of the ease and look of the site!  I have had nothing but great feedback from my students. Thank you!

We had tons of fun working on the project as well, and couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out. Check out their new site and let us know what you think in the comments area below!

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