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New Website Launch – Marathon Fundraisers

new website launch | testimonial | November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

We’ve recently launched a new site for Marathon Fundraisers – a new company in Grand Forks, North Dakota that helps businesses and organizations fundraise easily and successfully through golf marathons. They also plan to expand into other sports in the future as well.

They needed a professional and sleek website that helps investors and potential clients see what they’re all about, and easily sign up for their services online. Check out their new site at

The Details

We wanted to make the website sporty because of the nature of the company so we went with a very sleek and streamlined appearance. We also used gradients, shadows and some shine throughout to give it some depth and movement. A subtle metallic texture in the header of the site also contributes to the sleek and sporty persona. Each area of the site is defined with color and straight lines to keep everything organized and in its place. Making the site user-friendly and easy to navigate was high on the priority list. Straight lines also give it a professional look and keep your eye moving throughout the site.

We added some fun details to give it some more character like the arrow headlines and the icons on the main buttons on each page. Overall the site is clean, professional and easy to find what you’re looking for.

When more events are added to the company’s agenda, they will be listed for people to find on their Find An Event page. Users can even search through the list to easily find the event they want, which will direct them to the minisite for the event.

The Minisite

Each event that Marathon Fundraisers organizes, will receive a minsite like the one featured above that details who’s playing in the marathon, and also gives people an easy way to donate and sign up to play, as well as find out more information about it. The minisites will each have an admin panel that gives administrators access to information on who has donated and signed up, and also allows them to change out information on the event.

We wanted the minisites to be similar in look and feel to the main site, but more golf-oriented. We chose a grass image for the background, which gives the site a really vivid look. Using a very similar header and footer look to the main site, it connects the sites together. We also feature similar looking buttons with icons and a rotating banner on the homepage that will feature different pages on the site.


Scott, owner of Marathon Fundraisers, said this about working with Snoack Studios:

Thank you so much for your work on our new site.  I was very nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find someone locally with the expertise to pull it off.  I love how you’ve followed up so quickly when I have requests to make the little changes that will set us apart from our competition.  The site and the mini-site you developed have proven to be very helpful in closing more events for us and I look forward to the next phases that we have planned.  Just about every client I have shown the site has asked, “Who did your website???”  Lots of positive remarks…I’ll be sure to send them your way when it’s time to have a “real” website!

Thanks Scott! We had a great time with the project as well and we were very pleased with how the websites came out. Please let us know what you think of the design in the comments area below!


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