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Our Predictions For Web Trends We’ll See In 2013

design | trends | web design by Shannon Noack on January 15, 2013 | 2 Comments

A new year always brings new trends and new things to look forward to, and this year is sure to be full of great things. We’ll see a great year full of HTML5 & CSS3 exploration, an increasing amount of responsive designs, more mobile awareness, fun font usage, and so much more!

It’s always great to stay up on trends so your company can stay ahead of the game and be aware of what else is out there. Check out our predictions for what’s in store for this year, and feel free to add your own predictions in the comments area below!

Responsive Designs Galore

With the smart phone and tablet audience growing rapidly by the day, more people are becoming aware that they need to make their site usable and accessible to everyone and on every device. Responsive design is the way to make that happen and we’ll see tons of sites jump on this trend this year.

Crazy Font Options

We used to be so limited with our font choices online, but with the options expanding rapidly with CSS3, Google Webfonts, and the availability of free and cheap fonts these days, we’re going to see new and awesome fonts used on websites like crazy. Standard web fonts are so 2012.

Bright Color Choices

With all the gloomy news we’ve had lately, people will be gravitating towards good news and companies that are upbeat. Cheerful, bright colors will become prominent in order to provide a nice change of pace in marketing.

Better & More Relevant Website Content

Search engines keep changing their algorithms, further rewarding good content, and punishing poor and irrelevant content that isn’t geared towards users. Companies will keep striving towards quality content that’s relevant and real in order to keep up with these continual changes.

Google Chrome Domination

Google Chrome keeps moving up in browser stats, gaining a larger audience every day. We’ll see continual domination by this browser giant, and less users on outdated and old browsers (we hope!).

Increased Video Usage

Video has become more and more popular and we’ll see increased usage of video on company websites, giving users a more in-depth look at the character of the company.

Increased Interaction Between Social Media and Websites

Social media will continue to grow and gain popularity and we’ll see more interaction occur on websites. And it’ll become increasingly important for groups and businesses to gain a presence in social media, in order to stay ahead of the competition.

2013 is underway and we’re ready for what’s in store for the year! What are your predictions for what’s going to happen on the web? Share with us in the comments below!


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