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Web Design Trends in 2024

trends | web design by Shannon Noack on February 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

Web Design Trends in 2024

2024 is underway and we’re ready for everything the year has in store for us on the web. We’re seeing trends of bright neon colors, a continued interested in animated effects and experiences, unconventional layouts and ideas, as well as some Y2K nostalgia coming back. AI continues to grow in popularity and companies are increasingly interested in how they can incorporate it into their website and what they can do with it. We love seeing new ideas develop and grow as styles and trends are always changing in the world of design. Let’s see what we can expect this year on the web!

AI-Inspired Content

AI is huge right now and one of the fastest growing trends on the web. We’re seeing lots of tools emerge to help with creating content, videos, graphics, and other website resources. And we’re expecting much, much more. Think AI-curated experiences on websites that are customized based on user preferences. Get ready for some pretty neat developments in AI as the year continues to unfold.

Y2K Designs

People are feeling nostalgic for simpler times and designs that remind them of the 1990’s. Simple pixel art, geometric shapes, and shiny metal textures all work great to bring back a nostalgic feel that users are yearning for right now.


These are small animated movements when you scroll past or hover over an object, and it isn’t a new trend, but it’s dominating right now. People love buttons that bounce, images that scroll at different rates, or things that turn as you hover. It provides a little more fun and a unique user experience.

Neon Colors

Last year we saw dark, muted colors but this year, bright, flashy colors are in! Users are ready for some fun and want to see bright and vivid user experiences to go along with it.

Futuristic Design Experiences

Users are loving this high-tech, futuristic vibe and we’re seeing design experiences that deliver! Think of graphics, animations, typography, and experiences that make your website feel technically advanced.

Kinetic Typography

Fonts come to life with this animated typography trend that’s growing in popularity. Add an element of artistry and more meaning to simple text when it moves and captures your user’s attention. We expect to see this trend become more interactive as it evolves too!

Unconventional Layouts

Grid layouts and simple, standard designs used to be the norm but we’re seeing more sites breaking out of the mold and creating layouts that aren’t conventional and don’t follow the normal patterns. This trend is sure to continue to evolve as well.

We’re ready for it all and looking forward to a fun year of design ahead! What’s your favorite trend that you’re excited to see more of in 2024?


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