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5 Fun Ideas To Spruce Up Your New Website

design | web design by Shannon Noack on August 10, 2012 | 3 Comments

So you’re creating a new website – that’s great! When working on a new website design for your company, we have some great ideas on making something that’s fresh, different, but still entirely encompasses who your company is. If you’re creating a new site, you might have a new style to incorporate, but if it’s the same look and feel that you want, your design can still be updated with a fresh and modern look.

Here are some great ideas for changing things up and boosting your style with your new website design:

1. Use fun & funky font choices

Fonts can add a really fun new dimension to your site, and we aren’t as limited with our choices anymore (you can use most TrueType or OpenType fonts, and get them to work on all browsers). Cruise through or Google Web Fonts for some great choices.

2. Explore your color palette

Definitely incorporate your branding colors, but find some new options by adding complementary colors or a new accent color that communicates the feeling you’re hoping to express.

3. Create some depth

Add some layers in the design with different textures, pictures, or blocks of color. Adding motion or interactive elements give a sense of fun as well.

4. Find some pictures

There are some great stock photo sites out there if you don’t have any photos of your own to use (we love stock.xchng and iStockPhoto). You can communicate so much with photography, and people will identify that emotion with your company.

5. Add new elements to your brand

If you find that your site feels and looks the same as before because your branding hasn’t changed, add something new to your branding style like a new texture or icon, a new font, or a new idea. Your customers will love the change and it will give you something new to talk about as well!

Creating a new website design can be really fun, because it spells change for your company, which is always a good thing. Don’t let it overwhelm you, try one of our ideas on boosting your design. Call us, we would love to help with more ideas and a whole design!


  1. Paul
    August 10, 2012 @ 7:24 am

    Another great read 🙂 Once again, informative and very interesting. Thanks for the brilliance Shannon

  2. Shannon
    August 13, 2012 @ 8:12 am

    Thanks Paul, glad you enjoyed it!

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