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5 Quick Tips To Jazz Up Your Website

design | web design | April 27, 2011 | 0 Comments

jazz We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your website is the central hub of your marketing efforts. It needs to rock, period. It’s often the only chance you get to impress a customer.

Feel like your website isn’t making the best impression? We have five quick tips today that should help you breathe some more life into your website without doing a huge overhaul. The little details often make a big difference when you have seconds to impress your visitors. Continue reading to see our quick tips and make a change on your site today!

1. Change out your images

Imagery is the best way to boost your visual impact. People identify with imagery, and you can stimulate a more emotional response with images than with anything else. If your images are weak, chances are you aren’t getting the biggest bang that you can. Sometimes it’s worth paying some extra money for great images that work well for your website. See iStockPhoto for some great, fairly cheap stock photography.

2. Add a rotating banner to your homepage

Your homepage needs to be the most powerful page on your site. You have little time to capture their attention and interest, while explaining what you do. A rotating banner is a great way to visually explain what you do, while saving space because you list multiple things in the same area. Motion is also a great way to draw a user’s attention, and makes it seem more exciting.

3. Make your text more scannable

People tend to scan text online. If you have a large block of text (and it’s absolutely necessary to keep it all) you should add bullet points and headlines to break up the space. These 2 things help people to quickly scan your site and decide if they want to keep reading, plus it makes it easier to read too. Making things easier for users always earns you bonus points.

4. Add some power to your headlines

Headlines are the most read part of each page so it’s important to give each headline special attention, making sure it’s descriptive and powerful. Try adding your tagline to a headline, giving a better description to the paragraph below, etc. There are tons of way to spice up your headlines and entice users to keep reading.

5. Create a contact form

A contact page can be pretty plain without a contact form, but more importantly, users are more likely to contact you if you have one. It’s easier than copying your email, going into their email box, and typing out an email. So if what you want is people contacting you, making it as simple and easy as possible should be your goal. WordPress has a great easy to use form that works great.

Small steps can help ensure you get more contacts, more excited users, and more people to return to your site. Your website can be a great marketing tool if utilized properly so make sure you take the steps needed to create a powerhouse site for your company.


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