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New Blog Theme: The Lifestyle SOphisticate

new website launch | web design by Shannon Noack on November 5, 2010 | 1 Comment

soleilA new blog theme that we created for Soleil Organique just went live, titled The Lifestyle SOphisticate. Soleil Organique is a new lifestyle brand featuring natural skincare products and a clothing line. The main site will be launched later on, but they wanted to start blogging and create some interest and a community in the meantime (check out their Facebook and Twitter). The blog theme is very classy and minimalist, we wanted their posts and products to shine, and not be overshadowed by too much going on. The style matches the main site, but as you’ll see when the main site is launched, the blog is different and unique on its own.


Minimalist Style

The blog will feature posts about skincare, sun exposure, natural products, and everything that Soleil Organique represents. Their motto is “Avoid Chemicals. Go Natural.” We wanted to keep these things infused in the design of the blog, creating a very natural and organic look. SO wanted the blog to look a bit like a newspaper, but simplified and classy. The blog theme needed to be streamlined, minimal, and most importantly high quality to match the quality of the products and the company itself.

Design Elements

We used a serif font for headlines, mixed with a san serif font for body text to help create that high class look. Soft lines used throughout the design give it some definition but keep the look simple and modern. The color palette is composed of mostly brown and tan colors, with some greys mixed in. These were mostly taken from the main site, and the product packaging itself. Overall the look is soft, warm, and inviting.

Social Media

We also helped out with their social media designs on Facebook and Twitter.


The custom Facebook tab welcomes new visitors to their Facebook Page, and allows users to sign up for their email newsletter directly from Facebook.


The Twitter background features images of their clothing and skincare products, showing users what they do and are all about. Both echo the Soleil Organique clean and streamlined look, and showcase a classy company.

We invite you to check out the new blog theme and be a part of the Soleil Organique community on Facebook and Twitter. You can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated and be the first to know when their main site launches. Let us know what you think of  the designs in the comments below.

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