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New Website Launch: Roam Immigration Law

new project | new website launch | web design by Shannon Noack on February 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

We recently launched a new website for Roam Immigration Law, who provide immigration legal services around the world and are based in New York City. Nadia works with many types of immigration matters, ranging from family-based immigration to student visas. The website has a very sleek and modern style, with parallax background images, a long homepage design, and beautiful black and white imagery that features shots around Central Park.

Check it out at


The Design

Roam has a very sophisticated look with a black and white color palette and modern serif and sans serif fonts that are used throughout the site. The homepage features large black and white photos of Central Park, referencing where Roam is based out of, New York City. These images use parallax scrolling, a modern feature that allows you to scroll past the images and it pans through the image as you scroll giving a nice effect to the page.

The Technical Details

The website is built with WordPress, allowing Nadia to edit and maintain the site herself. The site is responsive and mobile-friendly, functioning well and looking great on everything from desktop computers to tablets and cell phones.

We enjoyed working with Roam Immigration and love how the website came out! Check out the new website at and let us know what you think in the comments below.


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