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Web Design Trends in 2023

trends | web design by Shannon Noack on April 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

We’re a few months into 2023 and have seen some prominent trends emerging as well as some trends from previous years continuing strong. Mobile-friendly design will continue to be an important element and a hot topic in website design and user experience as more and more people shop and engage on their phones. Trends from previous years continue to grow and evolve like micro animations and scrolling effects that allow users to be involved and have some fun while they interact. Check out what you can expect to see this year on the web!

Mobile-Friendly Design

Responsive web design is by no means a new trend, but since it continues to dictate how we design and develop websites, it deserves a place on the list! A responsive website responds to the size of your device and browser window, making all elements usable and appropriately sized and placed. People are relying on their phones more and more, so the days of ignoring what your site looks like on all devices and browser sizes is long gone. How users interact with your site is very different on a phone versus a desktop computer and is an important element of creating a new website.

Scrolling Effects

This is another continuing trend, but something that’s getting increasingly popular as people are looking to create fun, interactive and exciting experiences on their website. These effects can range from simple to complex when you scroll through a website, anything from text appearing, to sliding in photos, or a video that starts to play as you get to it. These add some fun and excitement into your site!

Micro Animations

These animations are along the same lines but are mini interactions with the site that occur when you do something. It can be an animated button when you click on it, a progress bar that fills up as you go through a form, or a hint on where to go next on the site. These little interactive features can increase usability and greatly improve the user experience.

Minimalist Design

Many websites are going for simple this year with a minimal design that’s still striking but organized, professional and minimal. Too much going on can distract users from finding what they need and a simple, minimal design can help get them to their destination quickly and easily. We love this trend here at Snoack Studios!

Dark Mode

We’re seeing an emerging trend with some websites letting users choose if they want to view it in light or dark mode. Dark mode is easier on the eyes, especially when reading and viewing things for some time on a screen, so it’s becoming a more popular choice for users. Allowing people to choose their preference is also a nice way to allow people to personalize their experience on your site.

We’re looking forward to seeing what else comes out this year and what happens with these trends later in 2023. What other trends have you seen emerging on the web this year? Let us know in the comment below!


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