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Fight Bad Design & Mediocrity

business | design by Shannon Noack on June 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

I recently listened to a commencement speech by Steve Cullen, Design Director and Creative Director at Seattle-based design firm Creature, where he talked about fighting mediocrity in the design world. His speech was directed towards the recent creative graduates of the program, where he told them to strive for good design and to keep having good taste. However, I think the message is more than applicable towards business owners as well and the design and marketing that they choose for their own business. Steve points out that we see bad design and bad taste not because people like it, but because of human indifference.

Fight it

Mediocrity and indifference are two things that no business would want to have associated with their company, but if you chose to have bad design represent your company, that’s the message you would be sending. You can and should fight mediocrity by taking an active role in the visual aspect of your company. Every visual piece of information you send out represents your company and sends a message to your clients and potential customers about who you are. Your logo, business cards, website, stationary, postcards, etc. all present an opportunity to stand above your competition and fight back with a stellar design.

Strive for excellence

Good design is usually more representative of the type of company you want to portray, showing off your best qualities and attributes. Dig deeper with your marketing materials and don’t consider any piece that you send out unimportant because someone will see it and it may be the only thing they see from your business. You want to give them a good impression, no matter how small the marketing piece is. Many companies that are just starting out think they don’t need to strive for excellence just yet, they’ll have more money to think about that later on. However, starting out with a rock-solid design and marketing style will better set you up for future success.

Think about your own marketing pieces, are you doing all you can to fight mediocrity with your business?


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