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What Browser Do You Surf The Web With?

education | resources | web design by Shannon Noack on November 9, 2012 | 0 Comments

Internet users in general are getting savvier and smarter with their online usage and where they are browsing. We’re seeing modern browser usage increase, so we know that people are enjoying a better internet experience, which is great news for the web development community! On Snoack Studios’ website specifically, Chrome users dominate at 36% of our overall traffic, followed by Firefox at 27%, Safari at 20%, IE at 12%, and Opera at 1%. These are a little bit different than average numbers on the web in general, although Chrome is the front-runner browser today and has been for a little while now.

Browser Choices

The 5 major browsers today are: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox,¬†Safari, and Opera. According to Sitepoint’s article on browser trends in October 2012, here’s where those 5 rank in terms of internet usage:

  • Chrome: 34.29%
  • Internet Explorer (all):¬†32.71%
  • Firefox: 22.39%
  • Safari: 7.70%
  • Opera: 1.62%


We’d love to hear from our readers and see what browser you’re using! Tell us your choice in the comments area below and why you love that browser best. We’ve always been Safari fans at Snoack Studios. It’s quick, lightweight, and really advanced in displaying HTML5 and CSS3 features so it works well for building and testing websites.

What browser do you use? Vote now!


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