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Sticker Mule – Great Custom Stickers

business | fun by Shannon Noack on May 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

Sticker Mule is a recently launched online service that prints great stickers and skins in all sorts of shapes and sizes for any custom design that you submit. They have an easy to use online ordering system and great quality products.

We printed some great stickers with them recently and were very happy with the results so we wanted to give them a shout out and let our readers know more about them and their products. The stickers we ordered were die cut in a custom size and are pretty cool – see the photo below!

We chatted a bit with Sticker Mule to get the scoop on their company and everything about their products:

Can you tell us a little bit about Sticker Mule and how it got started?

My cofounder saw the Internet for the 1st time in December 2009 and decided the next day that we should create an Internet business together. He retired in 2000 so he never had much of a need to use the Internet. He finally bought his first computer and I gave him a quick tour of the Internet. The next day he met up with me and had a page of notes on how we were going to start a company together. He offered to invest $100k if I’d put something in as well and that’s how we got started.

Since both of us had a background in printing we immediately incorporated under the name Print Bear with a desire to build some form of Internet printing company. We did a quick review of our options for choosing a product line and decided stickers sounded fun.

How is your service different than others on the market?

We try not to spend time thinking about competitors. We have certain ideals that we work towards. Mainly, we want ordering to be simple, fast, easy and fun.

We love the great website design and fun brand style. What kind of role has design and branding played in Sticker Mule’s business?

Thanks! Having a brand does two things for us: 1) it minimizes our dependency on Google / SEO 2) it helps us justify doing things that we find enjoyable but don’t immediately contribute to the bottom line.

For example, we recently redesigned our proof approval UI. Our design lead came up with a new idea for it that seemed like a substantial improvement over the prior design. Since you don’t even see our proofing UI until you place an order this will not boost our sales immediately, but we felt it provided good long term value by making the overall ordering experience more enjoyable and memorable for our customers.

What’s the most unique sticker you’ve seen?

There are too many to recall, but I’m glad you asked. We recently started building a service to help us remember cool stickers. It’s called The Sticker Gallery and you can check out a preview version of it already.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but the basic idea is we add your stickers to the gallery after you buy from us. Anyone can browse the gallery and indicate which stickers they like. If you like a sticker it gets added to your profile and you’ll also be able to see which other users liked your stuff.

Surf through their site and see the great stuff they have to offer. If you own a business, think about how you could use their products for marketing, customer & employee appreciation, etc. We’d love to hear your ideas! And if you’ve used their service, we’d love to hear about it in the comments below as well!


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