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What’s In Your RSS Reader?

blogging | education | fun by Shannon Noack on March 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

blogs Subscribing to a blog is easy to do these days, and it’s a handy way to get content that you may be interested in delivered right to you. Most blogs make it easy by including a subscribe by rss feature in a prominent place on their site. I visit a site, I’ve read through a few articles and I am interested in reading more, but I don’t want to have to remember to visit their site daily or weekly. By subscribing, I still get their valuable content, but I don’t have to visit their site to read it, they send it right to me. These subscriptions are gathered in my favorite rss reader, Google Reader, and I scan through it daily reading through the articles that interest me.

So what’s on my subscription list? Quite a bit! I have 55 subscriptions, and although I don’t read every single article, I do get quite a bit that I enjoy reading or I save for a later date. Here are my favorite subscriptions:

Design Blogs

Six Revisions – A great web design blogging community that puts out some great content.
Web Design Ledger – Another great web design community, with lots of valuable articles.
Graphic Design Blender – One of my newest additions, they talk a lot about the business side of design and have a lot of great articles to share.
Brand New – A great blog on brands, showcasing and revealing identities on newly branded companies.
Logo Design Love – A blog on branding and logos by David Airey, with lots of great articles on those topics.
Design Shack – A blog that posts often on web and graphic design, giving lots of valuable content for their subscribers.

Business, Marketing, SEO, & Blogging Blogs – A business blog geared toward entrepreneurs and business owners. They talk about marketing, websites, sales, etc.
Think Traffic – Run by Corbett Barr, this blog focuses on giving valuable tips on getting more traffic to your site.
Sitepoint – A great site that showcases a variety of content from design tips and marketing advice to social media knowledge.
Get In The Hot Spot – This blog gives great blogging advice and has lots of helpful posts, all from Annabel Candy. – Run by Erica Douglass, this site gives tons of tips on running a successful business from marketing & sales to social media.
SEOmoz – This site is all about SEO tips and how you can gain more knowledge and make your site better.

What are your favorite blogs to subscribe to? Let us know in the comments below!


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