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8 Things Every Awesome Site Must Have

design | marketing | web design by Shannon Noack on March 3, 2011 | 1 Comment

websites-must-have Great websites are everywhere on the internet but awesome websites stand out from the competition and get noticed. They promote a company better, attract a larger audience and get shared on more social media sites than just okay websites. An awesome site is worth striving for and worth the time and energy it takes to create.

But what does it take to be categorized as an awesome website? We have some ideas on that, read on to find out how your site can go from great to awesome!


Many things can add to the personality of a site. All of your style elements including the colors, typography, and textures, as well as your text and how you phrase things. Your personality can be fun, professional, classy, or trendy. It doesn’t have to be a certain thing, although it does have to describe your company well and be consistent throughout your site. Minimal style can add personality too, it just needs to fit your company and your ideals.

Great Design

I think this goes without saying, although it is certainly one of the most important aspects of any awesome website so we added it to the list. People judge things by how they look, it’s human nature. So dress up your website just the same as you would get dressed up for an important meeting. Putting your best foot forward to all of your potential customers is just as important.

A Clearly Defined Target Audience

Your audience is who your site targets and the style and tone of your text should reflect that. So in order for your site to reach that level of greatness you must decide who your target audience is and be clear about it through your design choices. Typography, color, layout and everything about your site should be determined by thinking about your target audience.

Interesting Content

Your audience is the one you’re writing your content for, so you want to appeal to them and make sure they would be interested in what you’re saying. Give them resources, descriptive text on your services, anything that would make them want to keep surfing through your site to check out more. If your audience is interested in the content, they will be more likely to contact you to work with them or share your site with their friends.

Descriptive Homepage

Your landing page must capture visitors and entice them to go further into your site, and in order to do this you must have a descriptive homepage. Visitors want to see who you are and what services you provide without having to click around or dig through your site. Usually when people don’t see this immediately, they leave. You don’t have to have a ton of text to accomplish this, but it is important for them to understand your company quickly.

Unique Features

We’re talking about sites that stand out from the competition, not just any website on the internet. So a great thing to add to our list is that you must have unique features, which can mean something different for everyone. So that might mean a unique layout, fancy jquery actions, fun hover animations, or an interactive poll. Use your creativity to come up with an idea that fits your industry.

Relevant Content

With your audience in mind, you must make sure your content is relevant for them. Interesting content is important as we mentioned above, but if it’s not relevant for your audience than it doesn’t help you. Both of these go hand-in-hand and are equally important to your site. Keep your content interesting but make sure your audience is going to care about it too.


You can have the greatest site out there, but if you don’t promote it and have visitors accessing your content, then you aren’t getting the most bang for your buck. A measure of your visitors isn’t necessarily a measure of how successful and awesome your site is, although it’s important to remember that visitors to your company’s site are potential customers. Promoting your site effectively gets you more potential visitors and a better chance at reaching the people you want to.

There isn’t anything definitive that says whether or not you have an awesome site. But it’s important to strive for greatness with your site and continually educating yourself on the best methods to use. We update our site often at Snoack Studios because we are always learning and discovering the best methods for our site too.

What are some awesome sites you’ve seen lately?

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