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Why pay a professional for a website?

marketing | web design | February 18, 2009 | 0 Comments

There are tons of applications and resources for creating your own website these days. Many web hosting companies even offer “free” or “discounted” websites included with your hosting fees. So why would you want to pay a professional to create something that you can do, or get for free?

Free things or things that are marketed as “so easy, anyone can do it” are rarely so. There are commonly hidden fees associated or complicated tasks involved later on that many people can’t complete on their own. And is anything that is free really worth it anyway?

Your website should project your very best side to your consumers. It could be the only communication you have with a potential client/customer. Your users could be people that are thinking of buying your product, or using your services. Do you think a free website will project the right image to capture their business? You might justify the cheap website by saying you don’t have much money for marketing. But is it worth it to waste your money or time on a cheap site that doesn’t reach your customers?

You pay professionals to complete certain tasks that you can’t or shouldn’t complete yourself. You might have the means and the willpower to build your own house, but a professional builder has the resources, the experience and the knowledge to get it done right. Why risk the money to do it yourself if you aren’t a professional? I believe building a website is falls in the same category. Web designers have resources and knowledge that comes with experience. Trust the success of your website to a professional.


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