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Web Design Trends in 2020

design | trends | web design by Shannon Noack on January 31, 2020 | 0 Comments

Not only is it the beginning of a new year, but a whole new decade as well. And with each new year, we see new trends emerge in web design, as well as existing trends that continue to flourish and grow. Trends on the web continue to change and evolve each year as users themselves change what they need and how they use the web, dictating color schemes, layouts, security, functionality and…

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New Website Launch: Entertainment Project Services

new project | new website launch | testimonial | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on January 7, 2020 | 0 Comments

We recently launched a sleek new website for Entertainment Project Services, a firm specializing in mechanical design and automation system integration, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. They work with large budget production shows, amusement park attractions, art installations, in water, in flight, on stage, and at sea, creating and implementing unique projects. They create impressive projects and needed an updated site to match their grand ideas. The new website features large photos,…

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The Best of Snoack Studios Blog 2019

inspiration | Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on December 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

The end of the year is nearly here, so it’s time for our annual collection of blog posts from our very own Snoack Studios Blog. We’ve gathered together our favorite posts from the year, covering everything from WordPress tips and inspiration, marketing ideas and resources, logos that we love, and our own website launches that we’re so proud of. Check it out and let us know what you think! NEW PROJECT LAUNCHES…

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Great Holiday Gift Ideas For Tech-Lovers This Year

business | fun | trends by Shannon Noack on November 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

We love seeing all the new tech gifts that come out around the holidays, so many fun new gadgets and toys. And there are always great deals on tech this time of year as well, so if you’ve had your eye on a new hard drive or wireless earbuds, now’s a great time to pick those up! We combed through some lists and deals and compiled our own list of tech ideas…

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Snoack Studios Turns 10!

Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on October 1, 2019 | 0 Comments

We are thrilled to say that we’ve been in business for 10 years this October! Each year, we’re surprised to see another year pass by and this year it feels like we’ve reached a pretty big milestone, one whole decade in business. We enjoy what we do so much and are just so thankful for the opportunity to serve our clients. We really wouldn’t be where we are today without our wonderful…

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New Website Launch: Michigan Beet Harvest

new project | new website launch | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on September 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

We recently launched this beautiful new website for the Michigan Beet Harvest, a new venture that helps connect workers in the area and workampers with a job for the sugar beet harvest in Michigan. The website is bright, fun and full of photos that visually speak to what the company does. We also chose bold and modern typography that matches the fun vibes of the logo, and used the bright red and…

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Beautiful & Creative Non-Linear Homepage Designs

inspiration | web design by Shannon Noack on September 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Websites are often designed in a very linear fashion, separating elements into squares which gives the design a blocky feel. But imagine a design that wasn’t constricted in a linear way and allowed elements to take on their own forms and shapes. There aren’t any hard lines between elements, allowing the design to be more organic and less structured. It’s not an easy task with web design, but some websites have stretched…

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New Website Launch: Cornish Pasty Co. Online Ordering

new project | new website launch | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on August 29, 2019 | 0 Comments

We recently launched a slick new online ordering system for Cornish Pasty Co., a restaurant chain with locations in Arizona and Nevada. They wanted customers to have the ability to easily place an order online, adding options and making choices as needed so they could dine-in or carry out. So we created a user-friendly system that gives people the ability to choose from their whole menu (and all of the options that…

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Make The Most Of Your Business Cards

design | marketing by Shannon Noack on July 30, 2019 | 0 Comments

Business cards are a staple for any business. They’re often the one item left behind after a meeting, a first encounter or a conversation that can leave a lasting impression and remind your new potential customer who you are and why they want to work with you. You want that little piece of paper to be powerful, to inform, and to impress so they remember you. So how do you get the…

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New Website Launch: Montlake Financial Services, LLC

new project | new website launch | testimonial | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on June 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

We recently launched this polished and professional new custom website for Montlake Financial Services, LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona. The financial advisor firm wanted a new website that exemplified their established company in a professional but approachable manner for their target audience. We chose vivid and descriptive photos for each page, used classic fonts, a warm background to complement their Montlake brand color palette, and a clean and organized layout to create the…

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