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Great Tips for Getting Started with a Facebook Landing Page Design

social media | February 6, 2012 | 0 Comments

Facebook provides such a great opportunity for your business to connect and reach more customers and clients. If you don’t already have a page, we highly recommend creating one for your company. One of the tricky things on Facebook though, is you don’t have a lot of time with new users and you need to stand out. When a new user lands on your page, they need to understand what you do quickly and easily. A custom landing page is a great way to catch their attention and deliver information to them visually so they can get connected. Check out our tips below on what you need for your landing page.

Keep It Simple

The default action for a new user to your page, is to land on your Wall. Depending on when they land there and what you’ve posted recently, it’s not likely they’ll easily understand what your company does and how you can benefit them, because that’s really what they want to know. The solution is a custom landing page for new users. You can fill this with great information for a first-time user that doesn’t know who you are.

As we mentioned before, you have little time to capture new users, so the worst thing you can do with your landing page is to fill it with clutter. New users won’t understand quickly enough what you do and they’ll leave. Keep it simple by including only what’s most important, but make sure it’s descriptive enough so that they get a good taste of who you are and what you do.

Make it Visually Interesting

Facebook’s interface is very minimal and plain overall, and leaves a lot of room for your brand to shine through. Use colors and photos to show off your company through a visually interesting design. Text is great but the design needs to be powerful enough to capture your audience. Make it fit your company, but also make sure it’s unique and attractive.

Give Them Something To Do

Users need to be given direction. Give them a call to action by:

  • including a contact form where they can get more information from you
  • adding a button that directs them to your site for a full list of products
  • telling them to like your page to be entered in your contest

It doesn’t need to be salesy or gimmicky, but giving them direction does help to seal the deal and draw them in. Your relevant and interesting posts will help keep them there.


Here are some examples of custom landing pages that we’ve designed.

Have you seen a great Facebook landing page design recently? Share with us in the comments area below!


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