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Why We Choose WordPress

business | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on April 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

There are tons of content management systems out there to choose from, but we prefer to use WordPress for our clients for a couple of very specific reasons. Most importantly, we believe WordPress fits the needs of our clients and us very well, and both of those are important to us.

Using a CMS in general is a powerful decision for any company. It allows you to control and maintain your own website, keeping it up to date and relevant for your users. WordPress helps you do exactly that.

WordPress is user-friendly

Our clients find WordPress easy to use and this is the number one reason we like it. The point of using a CMS is to allow our clients to edit their own website content. If they can’t easily update and maintain their website, then the CMS isn’t up to par. Some of our setups are a bit more complex than others, but overall WordPress itself is fairly easy to learn.

It’s completely customizable

The second most important reason we use it, is that we can design our themes from scratch and aren’t limited in any way on what it looks like or how it functions. WordPress allows us to do our thing and customize everything, and we like that!

There are tons of plugin options

As one of the largest CMS platforms on the market, plugins are constantly being created and updated so you can find a plugin for just about anything you need. Plugins help us customize and make certain updating tasks easier for our clients.

There’s a great community

The WordPress community is huge which is great if you ever have a question. There are forums, blog posts, pages of documentation and so many resources that all make it easy to solve dilemmas.

All in all, we think WordPress is a pretty easy choice for our clients because of all these things and more. What’s your favorite part about WordPress?


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