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5 Marketing Items To Use To Impress Clients & Win Over Customers

business | design | marketing by Shannon Noack on February 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

Most people know the importance in having a great looking website and logo, but we’ve found quite a few businesses that let other marketing materials fall through the cracks on quality and design. Think of the last business card you received, did you look at the back, feel the thickness, and notice the quality of it all? You may not have thought through all of these specifically, but I guarantee you saw it, because our brain picks it up whether or not we are looking for it and it leaves an impression of that company. Your marketing materials are speaking for your business, make sure they’re saying the right things and gaining business for you.

Here are a few items that can make a lasting impression on consumers:

1. Nicely Designed Business Card

Business cards are handed out to everyone and can really make an impression, good or bad, based on the design, the quality, the paper, the thickness, etc. A designer can help you find the best solution for your company’s needs and get you setup with this essential and powerful marketing tool. Don’t neglect it because it’s small, it’s important to make sure your cards are reflective of the type of company you are.

2. Branded Facebook Landing Tab

I’ve seen tons of Facebook Landing Tabs popping up all over. Which is great, however, you’re better off not using one if yours is not representing you well. This is designed to reel in new users, giving them valuable information about your company and who you are. If it’s not serving that purpose well, it should be revisited and revised to show off your strengths and attract new fans into your online community. Facebook likes equal potential customers so they are important!

3. Beautiful Marketing Flyer

To save time and money, I’ve seen a lot of companies make their own flyer/brochure/pamphlet in Microsoft Word. However, a brochure printed on copy paper that is lacking branding and style doesn’t give that wow factor and it certainly doesn’t show that you sell quality products or services. Printed marketing materials especially are always worth the extra investment for a professional to design it because we’re using more of our senses when we receive it, not only do we see it but we can feel the quality of it too through the paper choice and thickness.

4. Great Email Marketing Template

Email marketing is often overlooked these days but as Chris Brogan says in this video, email marketing is alive and well. It’s best to reach customers in the way they want to be reached, that’s why it’s important to communicate with potential customers in many different ways: email marketing, facebook, twitter, website, etc. Using a nicely designed email marketing template further extends your brand and shows the continuity between everything you do.

5. Coordinating Stationary

If you send anything out by mail, it’s great to use letterhead and envelopes that coordinate with your brand. It gives a cohesive look to everything you send and will give customers something to easily recognize and remember you by. Paper choice and style are important with this piece as well, just as we mentioned with other printed materials. Also make sure to have it printed by a quality printer so that your paper choice and stationary design are maximized and shown in the best light possible.

Many of these items are the overlooked marketing materials, or the things that companies feel they can save some money on if they do it themselves. If you’re considering that option, think of the last DIY marketing material you saw, and the impression you have of that particular company. Make sure you’re always using quality materials that reflect well upon your business and your marketing materials will make your company shine.

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