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Go Green With Your Marketing Materials

business | design | marketing by Shannon Noack on April 23, 2012 | 1 Comment

Creating an eco-friendly work environment is getting easier these days with so many options and ideas out there to choose from. Creating a green office space can mean recycling more paper, printing less altogether, turning lights off in unused spaces, and being more conscientious of our energy use.

You can also take it a step further by making sure your marketing materials are green too. Think of everything from your business cards and posters to letterhead and brochures. See our ideas below to help you get started on going green!

Utilize online advertising opportunities

There are so many ways to advertise online and they are often cheaper and easier than traditional print advertising. Here are a few ideas:

  • Advertise on a large blog in your niche
  • Use Facebook or LinkedIn advertising
  • Participate more in social media and proactively seek to increase business through social media outlets
  • Write great blog posts and ask people to share them for more exposure

Use recycled paper

There are some great recycled paper options out there in tons of different colors. You don’t have to stick with off-white anymore, you can get everything from bright white to dark or bright colors. Talk to a local printer or check out New Leaf Printing for some ideas.

Work with a knowledgable green printer

Many printers now utilize green printing techniques that waste less paper, emit fewer toxins, and use more eco-friendly inks and papers. Talk with local printers to use what kinds of options they have or check out PsPrint or UPrinting, 2 online printers that have a lot to say about eco-friendly printing.

Use email

Instead of mailing things, you can save money and resources by emailing. Some ideas:

  • Instead of printed newsletters use an email newsletter (this is also trackable and easier to replicate).
  • Instead of mailing large files and documents, scan things or send through DropBox or other document storage solutions.
  • Replace mailed postcards with other ideas like blogging or social media.

Incorporate creative ideas

There are lots of new and creative ideas that out that could even make your marketing more memorable:

  • Use plantable paper.
  • Instead of a huge printed brochure, create a mobile app for your business that is relevant and useful for your community.
  • Put your logo on a re-useable grocery bag to use as a trade show handout or client thank you.

There are tons of ways to save money and the environment by going green, and your marketing doesn’t have to suffer for it. What are some great green ideas that you utilize for your company?

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  1. Bunkerintegrated
    January 30, 2024 @ 5:48 am

    Your blog provides excellent advice on how businesses can incorporate eco-friendly practices into their marketing materials. The tips are actionable and emphasize the positive impact on the environment. It’s inspiring to see a commitment to sustainability in marketing, and your blog is a must-read for any business aiming to make a difference.

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