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5 Tips To Get Your Blog Posts Shared More

blogging | social media by Shannon Noack on November 11, 2015 | 0 Comments

Creating a blog for your company or organization is a great way to get more traffic to your website, have more searchable content in your niche on Google, and overall has so many great benefits. But the posts need to be read to capture the power that they can have, and social media is a great place to publicize your blog posts and get them out to a larger audience. Sharing your own posts is a great start, but how can you get other people to share your posts as well? We have some tips that can help, getting you more shares and more traffic for the posts that you work so hard to create!

Make social sharing easy

Make sure to have easy to use social sharing buttons that are at the top and/or bottom of your posts and are easily seen by readers. Encourage people to share your posts as well!

Have at least one great image

Many social media sites are very visual now (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) so it’s best to have at least one great image that can be shared on these sites. Without an image, the post also looks less inviting, so people are less likely to read it in the first place.

Create a catchy headline

Boring headlines usually go with boring posts, so create something exciting and people will be more likely to click on it and read it, as well as share it.

Make it scannable

Most people click on an article because they think the headline sounds interesting and then scan through it to see if they want to read more. Make sure to break up your text with headlines throughout, bullet points, or highlighted phrases that allow people to scan through and decide if it’s something they want to read.

Make it mobile-friendly

More and more users are reading and sharing content on their mobile devices, so if your blog isn’t mobile-friendly it’s less likely to be viewed, and less likely to be shared.

Maintaining and publicizing a blog can be tough, but it’s beneficial for your company or organization and will hopefully bring more attention your way. What are your best tips on getting more social media shares?


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