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10 Facts You Might Not Know About WordPress

business | resources | web design | WordPress by Shannon Noack on July 18, 2017 | 0 Comments

We talk a lot about WordPress, because we think it’s an exceptional content management system for many different reasons. But there are tons of pretty cool facts about WordPress that you might not know, including how long it’s been around!

Check out our list of WordPress facts and let us know the most interesting thing you learned in the comments below or if you have another fun fact to add!

As of May this year, WordPress has been around for 14 years.

The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, making it 14 years old this year.

28% of the web is powered by WordPress.

WordPress is an incredibly flexible platform and is used to run everything from government websites to personal blogs.

There are more than 50,000 plugins to choose from.

Plugins help extend the functionality of your website, allowing you to turn your site into an e-commerce shop, or help tighten your website security.

WordPress has a 75.9% market share of Content Management Systems.

WordPress is used more than Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace and Wix combined (according to Wappalyzer)!

Many big name sites use WordPress including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, Coca-Cola, and Samsung.

You would never know it because WordPress allows for complete customization, but these sites are all powered by WordPress.

WordPress is an Open Source project and is free to use.

WordPress is not a company owned by anyone, it’s a collective effort by many developers, and is free for anyone to download and use. is not the same thing as is a self-hosted content management solution, and allows you to set up a basic website where they host it for you. They are pretty different in what they allow, and for many reasons is the solution we recommend and use for all of our projects.

There are WordPress conferences called WordCamp that are held in 41 countries.

These conferences are generally laid back and a lot of fun, and allow for networking, learning, and sharing ideas.

There are monthly WordPress meetups held in 436 cities worldwide.

The WordPress community is always growing, and has always promoted working together and sharing resources to build something great together. These meetups are usually about sharing resources, knowledge and bringing together the community.

You can run multiple websites from the same WordPress admin panel with Multisite.

This allows you to create a network, sharing resources, plugins, and themes in order to have 1 easy to maintain admin panel for a network of sites.

WordPress is a pretty neat platform, and includes a large community that we are proud to be a part of. Let us know what you learned about WordPress today or if you have something else to add!


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