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blogging | business | education | marketing | resources | social media by Shannon Noack on August 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Wednesday Call Solutions is a webinar group, run by Pamela Bir and I, for business owners and professionals that are looking to learn more about social media, blogging, productivity, Microsoft Office, and more. The group holds two webinars per month on different topics that are relevant in today’s business world.

The second Wednesday of the month covers a social media related topic and the fourth Wednesday of the month covers a more general business topic, including things like Microsoft Office training, photo editing skills, and productivity techniques.

The Group

The group started last year but we’ve recently revamped the format and added a lot of cool things so I wanted to give the group a shout out to let you know what’s coming up so you don’t miss out!

Pamela Bir, owner of Your Computer Lady, and I started the group, and geared it towards business owners and working professionals. The webinars are discussion-based so everyone can participate and ask questions. Someone leads each class but we all learn together through participation and each other’s experiences. We decided to revamp a bit for the fall season, to add more value to the webinars and a bit more structure overall. But the same idea is present, with the same great organizers working to bring you great topics and conversation!

Webinar Topics

We’ve got a great list of topics for the fall and winter seasons that we think you’ll find interesting and relevant in the business world. You can see the upcoming webinar topics on our Facebook page under the Events tab. We add more regularly so make sure to like our Facebook Page to stay informed.

The webinars are run through GoToMeeting, a great software that allows everyone to hear each other on the call. We monitor sound on each call, making sure it doesn’t get too loud or have too much background noise so we can stay productive and informative for all. Sometimes all callers are muted but there is always a chat box where people can participate and ask questions.

The power in the group is that it’s not just a class, it’s a discussion. Business training is often expensive and hard to get to when it’s convenient for you. So our format allows you to connect from your home or office ┬ácomputer so you don’t have to take time to drive to the class. If you can’t make a call during the live session, we record each webinar and make it available for those that subscribe.

How Do I Connect?

A monthly subscription, which includes both webinars for the month, is $20/monthly. You can pay through PayPal under the Webinar Signup tab on our Facebook Page. We’ll send a PayPal invoice each month so you don’t have to remember to keep signing up to stay connected. Each webinar is also available for $15 a piece.

GoToMeeting connection information for each webinar will be available on our Facebook Page under each event on the Events tab. Please check this early so you’re ready and prepared to log in. Each webinar starts on the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of the month (with the exception of some holiday weeks) at 10am Central Standard Time.

Join Us

We would love to have you participate in the group and help you grow as a business owner and working professional. We would also love to hear any feedback on the group, including topic ideas and questions regarding our upcoming topics, which will be answered on the call.

Hope to see you at our next webinar on Wednesday, September 14th to kick off our fall season. We’ll be discussing LinkedIn Search, see how using the search function on LinkedIn could help your networking and bring in more potential business!

Read more about WCS
See our Facebook Page
See our LinkedIn Group

See you there!


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