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Snoack Studios Turns 7!

fun | general | Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on October 3, 2016 | 0 Comments

In October of 2009, we started Snoack Studios, 7 years ago! We’ve loved every step of the way, creating brands for newly founded companies, helping existing companies mold and reshape their existing brands, and creating websites, marketing materials, and stationary for businesses to market and advertise themselves in new and exciting ways. We’ve learned so much and have interacted with so many different people over the years, it’s been quite the journey. Thank you so…

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Snoack Studios Turns 6!

fun | general | Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on October 5, 2015 | 0 Comments

6 years ago we started this great journey and we are so thankful to be going strong 6 years later! We’ve worked with so many great clients and colleagues, and have made more friends along the way than we can count. We truly enjoy what we do here and love that we are able to see the companies and organizations that we work with shine and prosper with the materials we provide. We say it every year,…

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Snoack Studios Turns 5!

fun | general | Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on October 1, 2014 | 0 Comments

It’s been five whole years since we started Snoack Studios and we couldn’t be more thankful and excited to reach that milestone! A big thank you to our wonderful clients, friends, family, and Snoack Studios community! Here are a few of our accomplishments this past year: We’ve launched over 20 websites for many different clients and colleagues in lots of different industries. We’ve worked on lots of really neat branding projects in…

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Easy Marketing Opportunities With Email (But Not Email Marketing)

business | general | marketing by Shannon Noack on June 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

We’re not talking about email marketing today (although we do love email marketing!). We’re talking about ways to market your company with your email itself. Continually marketing your company is a challenge and a necessity for any business, and it’s a great idea to take advantage of those easy opportunities that are often free or cheap to use. Using your domain for your email address is one of those things, and is often…

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New Business Model

business | general by Shannon Noack on January 3, 2011 | 2 Comments

Happy New Year everyone! With the new year, Snoack Studios is implementing some big changes. We’re excited to announce we’re implementing a new business model. We’re blogging about it today not only to announce the changes and get you excited about it, but also to let you know we want you to hold us accountable. We’re making some promises today that we hope you’ll find interesting and valuable for you and your…

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Blog Action Day 2010: Water

general by Shannon Noack on October 15, 2010 | 0 Comments

Today is Blog Action Day 2010, a day to unite bloggers worldwide and focus the conversation on one topic. This year the topic of conversation is water and how too many people worldwide do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Blog Action Day started in 2007 and has continued growing each year to include more and more bloggers that are in hundreds of different countries and blog about many many…

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Six Revisions Post: How to Handle Difficult Client Situations

business | general by Shannon Noack on October 8, 2010 | 0 Comments

An article I wrote for Six Revisions came out today: As business owners, freelancers, and working professionals, many of us are in contact with clients on a daily basis – and unfortunately, difficult situations between us do come up every so often.

A New Alternative In Professional Photography

general by Shannon Noack on March 10, 2010 | 0 Comments

Finding the perfect image is a constant struggle for print and web designers and a necessary evil of designing professionally. Sometimes you can’t seem to find that perfect image you have in your head, the one that would make your design really pop. Mariano Pastor, a photographer in New York decided to offer an alternative to pricy photoshoots and stock photography. His story is included in the press release below.

Smashing Share Post: How To Fight Procrastination As A Designer

general by Shannon Noack on February 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

In today’s world we are bombarded with so many distractions that only perpetuate procrastination during working hours: cell phones, social media, friends and family, etc. But as working professionals we need to be aware of these distractions and fight them in order to get work done efficiently and productively. Check out my post on Smashing Share with helpful tips to help you fight those procrastination-prone tendencies. See the full post on Smashing…

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Snoack Studios has launched

general | Snoack Studios news by Shannon Noack on October 30, 2009 | 0 Comments

Big news. Snoack Studios has officially launched! Snoack Studios is a design studio with a passion for design and a desire to create work that clients will love. Take a look at our portfolio to see some of the work we are most proud of or stop by our blog for some design talk, creative insight, and Snoack Studios news. What do we offer, you ask? Check out our services for a full…

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